Sunday, July 29, 2007

2007 Sumida River Fireworks

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I have got my license!

After a lot of work I have finally got my driving license. I took one day off to go for the paper test and I passed it on the first try. The results was announced within 10 minutes after the test is completed and they announced it in a very funny way. Everyone have a seat number and there is a TV in the front. The TV will show the seat number for those who have passed and for those who didn't the number won't be shown but the block that reserved for that number will stay. Once that is done HALF(!) of the people in the room left. It's an amazing number of people that failed but you can register for the afternoon test immediately.

I rent out a car immediately on the 2nd day. The rental shop staff looks quite surprised after looking at my 1 day old license but still manage to lend me the car. The car is relatively new.. only about 2100 kilos... I think he must be quite shocked. Anyway, no question asked so I must said their service is quite good.

I have returned the car in pristine condition. No bumps, no scratches. Still not manage to park in one shot...