Saturday, April 21, 2007

First week of driving class

I have taken 6 theory lessons so far. In Japan they are divided in two streams, the theory lessons which teach you the regulations, common practice...etc. And the practical lessons which actually teach you how to drive. There is also an aptitude test which test your responses and your character as a driver..etc. You don't have to take the theory lessons in order so what I have learned so far are:
  1. Passing cars
  2. Driving signs and symbols
  3. Right and Left turn techniques
  4. "Keep left" rule
  5. Tips for getting your license
So I am learning how to pass other cars before I know how to turn right or left... hmm.

My first "driving" lesson will start at Sunday and the very first two will be driving on a simulator! Sounds like TV game to me.

Lesson Count:

Theory: 6 (19 to go)
Practical: 0 (34 to go)

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