Monday, May 14, 2007

Fourth Week of driving school in Tokyo

I am almost done with my first stage of driving school. The goal of the stage 1 lessons is to get the temporary license so you can drive on the road and not on the course inside the school. In order to do that you will need to complete 15 hours of practical lessons and 10 hours of theory lessons. Plus a final check of both your driving skills in a pre-defined course and 50 multiple choices paper test.

I did rather poorly in driving the course so I decided to pay an extra hour for a revision. My problem is over frequent engine stalling when turning, going slow and stop a slope. It seems when these 3 come all together the engine always stall. Finally I realize that you need to change to low gear before you do all of them and it seems not stalling anymore! To my surprises, my driving in the test is smooth as ever. Stopping on slope is not an issue anymore. S-Curve, trunk course are all ok. No big mistake so I passed without problem. But I am sure if I didn't pay for the revision I will have the same problem when during the test.

After the driving test they will sent you for the paper test... which is 50 multiple choices and you have to score 45 of them in order for a pass. You won't know the result until tomorrow so I cannot declare victory for my stage 1 now... hopefully it will be ok. I already know I did 1 wrong so the tolerance is only 4 now.

In any case they allow you to take the stage 2 theory lessons now so I already took 3 of them. 12 to go.

Theory: 13 (12 to go)
Practical: 17+1 (2 over, 1 revision - 19 to go)

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