Saturday, June 02, 2007

I am a bit tired this two weeks.

My driving lesson is now on phase 2 and I have completed most of the theory lessons. I am now driving on the streets and it's not as difficult as I have imagined but still there are some dangerous situation once in a while. In phase one even you have two consecutive lessons you'll have a 10 minutes break in between but once you are on the road you will have to drive 100 minutes in total.

They have one session that ask you to design the route between two destinations. While they said you are free to go what ever route you like, they also suggest some of the "easier" route so in other words you don't really need to decide anything.

I even completed my first ever 3 hours first aid course. Not too detail but nevertheless a good introduction.

Tomorrow I guess I will learn parallel parking.

Theory: 25 hours (1 to go)
Practical: 24 hours (12 to go)

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